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New year, new site

By Ben, 14 Jan 2010

As the dust settles on 2009, everyone is busy putting their plans for 2010 into action. For us, we're kicking our plans off with the unveiling of something we've been planning and building for a little while now - a new website for Neutron Creations.

Our first site, designed by Tim Van Damme, was built to communicate a small amount of information about who we were and what we did. The resulting one page design turned a lot of heads for its striking appearance, and it fulfilled its duty brilliantly by bringing us some of our first clients. As we found our feet with the business and completed our first projects, we knew it was time to expand the site into something more detailed. Looking back, it's clear that we owe a lot to Tim's design, and it's with mixed feelings that we move it to our little museum where it can be admired for years to come.

For the new site, we approached Elliot Jay Stocks who we'd already worked with, and told him we wanted something unconventional that didn't abandon the feel of the original site completely. It took us some time to get used to the radical ideas he came out with, but we believe he's really outdone himself and we're over the moon with our new home on the web. We'd love to hear what you think too, so please leave us your feedback in the comments, especially if you've spotted any teething problems. The new site is also home to our portfolio (which we'll be adding to soon) and a bit more blurb about what we're all about, as well as the blog you're reading now which we've dubbed The Particle Lab.

Our lab techs will bring you news on what we're up to, and will also share plenty of ideas, techniques and tricks we discover as we continue building web applications for ourselves and for our clients. We'll be talking about anything that pops into our heads that we think someone might find useful, from snippets of code from our weapons of choice such as Ruby (on Rails), HTML, CSS and jQuery, but also less technical topics such as our views on the state of our industry, or ideas for marketing your products and services. One thing we can guarantee is that there will be absolutely no top ten lists of any kind. On that you have our solemn word.

So please subscribe to this channel via our feed or email, follow us on Twitter, or just stop by once in a while for the latest post. We look forward to welcoming you back here soon.

Photo of Ben Bodien, who wrote this blog post

Ben Bodien is Principal & Co-Founder at Neutron Creations, where he oversees product design and front-end development. For a somewhat balanced mixture of ranting and raving follow Ben Bodien on twitter.

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