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Track traffic exiting your site, without jQuery

By Marc, 07 Aug 2015

A few years ago (well, over five years ago!) I published an article that showed you how to use Google Analytics to track traffic exiting your site with a little bit of jQuery. Now while jQuery is great, for smaller sites it’s usually overkill, especially if only included for this one use. Recently on one of these small sites I came up with a different way of doing it, without jQuery.

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Building the new Neutron Creations site

By Marc, 25 Feb 2015

In case you missed it, we launched the new Neutron Creations site last week. Here’s a little behind the scenes look at how we built some of it.

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Building WordStream

By Marc, 26 Jan 2015

Last week I spent a couple of hours playing with some new technology and built wordstream, a real-time word cloud generated from the twitter sample stream. Here’s how.

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Safari SVG CSS animation bug

By Marc, 21 Nov 2014

While building the new Neutron Creations site (coming very soon!) we came across a particularly frustrating bug in Safari involving animation of SVG elements using CSS3 transforms and opacity simultaneously.

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My favourite Ruby Gems

By Marc, 01 Sep 2014

Many tasks that would otherwise take hours or days to build can be easily implemented by simply including the relevant Ruby Gem in your project. Here’s my pick of interesting, useful and most-importantly time-saving gems:

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